For applicants

Amplify your career with us. Surround yourself with high performers from around the world and learn from the best. We employ people from every country possible to work with Sweden’s top brands.



That is something that comes with experience and having the theory behind it. SwedQ makes sure that you are exposed to right environments through our clients and invest in you to further your career through courses, certifications and seminars. We also have a coaching program where you get the opportunity to be coached by the companies most senior engineers.


Our design in the company is represented by Nodes, and working with us means that you are crucial Node for the company. This is the reason we want to give you the ownership to help build the company through your competence, hobbies, and interests. We are a company with a entrepreneurship mindset. We want to amplify your Nodes.

Tech & Business understanding

To become the high performer, and having SwedQ Qaulity mindset, one needs to have a wide understanding of both the tech stack and the business itself. Through understanding you will be able to bring more value firstly to yourself, SwedQ and the clients. Become one of our Nodes, an we will make sure that you develop that understanding.

Lasse berättar om sin karriär.

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