Work areas

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our service areas or our capabilities. You can contact the direct responsible person or send us a general question. 

Experts and specialized competence is where we shine the most! 

System & Web Development​

Developers, architects and DevOps Engineers with a Quality Mindset and solid experience in the Java Eco system, Microsoft stack – C#/.NET, Cloud Solutions and C/C++.  Front end Technologies with specialty knowledge within Apps, iOS, Android, JavaScript (React, Angular, Vue), HTML


Muhammed Afaneh

General Manager

+46 (0) 701 729 012

Testning & QA​

Within testing we offer experienced Test leads and Test developers who have been part of setting up test strategies and be automating with Selenium and Pytests.



Mashour Afaneh


+46 (0) 707 893 445

AI & Machine Learning

We offer pre-studies, development and implementation at SwedQ. Sometimes it is difficult to know from which end to start, especially within AI. We have experienced engineers who have done that before and can help you. Pandas, SciKit-learn, Natural Lanaguage, Python, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib

aries ljus

Aries Bucquet

Head of AI & ML

+46 (0) 708 48 488



Just need one or couple of highly skilled people to be part of your team? SwedQ hires people before they have any assignment, therefore we always have personnel available.

IT Solutions

Do you want to take your business to the next step? We can help you to develop and adapt the solution after your business needs. Our developers and engineers are multi-disciplined and have the knowhow.


Sometimes it is much cheaper and easier to hand over the whole project. Therefore we have an internal architects, developers and project managers that support outsourcing projects.