Mashour – assignment at Trafikförvaltningen

Tell us, what is your project about?
– On a high level, what we do is helping travellers in SL trafik to travel safe, also making sure that the subway trains arrives without delays. 

What is your role?
– I have three roles, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and test leader.

What are you challenges at Trafikförvaltningen? 
– The biggest challenge is the big variation on what should be delivered, it is because they handle a big geographical area. They want to lower the cost for the travellers through predicting the work needed in the trafik and help suppliers to take care of their job.

How does the solution look like at the clients site?
– It is very complex solution that handle big set of Data. They use old Data, current, and make predications. So the product is growing every day and becomes more complex for every day. Very unique solution that is built for Stockholm.

More practically speaking, what do you do?
– Coach and lead, preaper for future challenges, develop the clients processes, Develop the way of working, and the most fun part, automating the process with a Quality mindset.

What challenges does that bring?
– The biggest challenges is related to the high phased tempo at the client site. It is my job to make sure that we can deliver the product.

What is the most interesting part your assignment?
– The big impact we have on people and how many travellers we help every day!

What have you learned?
– How to Automate, use Intelije, Object oriented model automation, project place and something called Maximo.

Which technologies, tools, and languages do you use?
– Jira Cloud, Trello, Intelije, Object oriented modell automation, project place, java and Maximo.

How have SwedQ helped you?
– They give me the right circumstances to develop my skills, I got to understand what a “Quality Mindset” means.