Sherry – First assignment in Sweden at a global brand

Which client do you currently work with?
I am working at Atlas Copco – ACDC (Atlas Copco data communication). 

What is the business of the department?
Our responsibility is to develop the software managing the hardware controllers and monitor / report the output coming from it. 

What is your responsibilities?
Software developer; responsible for the canonical model for the integration between hardware versions.  

What are the challenges you facing on your assignment?
Our big challenge is the high volume / frequency of the data and the ability to integrate iwht other systems in real time which makes it very time critical! 

How does the client solution look
The solution is very organized and well architectured keeping all best practices of a cloud oriented system.  

What do you find most interesting at the assignment
The most interesting part in this assignment is; finding new ways to enhance the performance and scalability while maintaining the system reliable. 

What have you learned so far
Team work is the key factor for me, it helps me learning new technologies and techniques in an easy and smouth way. Also using the best practices for the cloud using Windows Azure. 

Which technologies, tools and languages are you using
– Language: .Net c#, 
– Cloud: Azure services, 
– Technology stack: WebAPIs, service oriented architecture,signal R, MQTT,
– DevOps: TeamCity 
– Agile: Jira
– Source Control: TFS