SwedQ invests in AI & ML – New department

The world is in a fast changing phase, and it is important for SwedQ to be working with bleeding edge technologies and more importantly having a leading role in it. One segment that is growing is AI, and it comes natural to us to make sure that we invest both resources and right personnel in it.

What it means that we are investing in AI & ML means that we both educate the employes of SwedQ and work in a more proactive manners to provide leading consultants for our clients.

The goal is to make AI being 1/3 of SwedQ’s yearly turnover. That goal are we going to reach within 6 months, and we already have recruited our a new Head of AI & ML who is going to start at the beginning of October. (More information is about to come).

SwedQ works with leading R&D companies in Sweden, and takes on assignments that requires heavy experties, therefore if you want to be part of our AI – Journey make sure to contact us.